Welcome to Game Scanners official website!
The open source project Game Scanner is a lightweight, non-bloated and low-memory footprint free software for easy game server browsing.

It supports to tag or monitor your favorite game servers and with just an instant of an click and you're away to join the selected server.

Some supported features:
RCON* (Remote Console).
In-game minimizing*.
Keep track of your buddies.
Integrated mIRC status messaging when joing servers.
Monitor servers for free slots.
Custom filter scripting.
Search for online players or servers.

Selection of supported games Doom, Quake series, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Enemy Territory, RTCW, Wolfenstein, Half-Life 1 & 2, Warsow, Counter-Strike series, Urban Terror, Nexuiz & Star Wars: Jedi Academy and much more.